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GUC Berlin

Why GUC Berlin?!

  • English as teaching language
  • All high school certificates accepted
  • Education for leadership & interpersonal skills
  • German & international standards (ECTS)
  • Comprehensive tutoring in small groups


Events & News

  • On the 3rd of May the MGT Major Orientation Session held by Prof. Ralf Klischewski, Professor at GUC since 2004 and GUC Berlin Academic Director took place. In this session, all Management majors were introduced to the students to help them make a choice which best fits them and their career interest.
  • The GUC participated in “Reinickendorf forscht & experimentiert –MINT-Messe” event that was held in Berlin on the 21st of March. The event is an exhibition organized by the borough of Reinickendorf to promote Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology for young school students. Three projects implemented by MET GUC students and graduates where showcased during this event. The first project was a 3D printed bionic arm that mimics the user’s hand gestures using a leap motion sensor. The second project was an auto runner game where the player must match a sphere’s color with the environment. Finally, a virtual reality game presented using the HTC Vive technology. Along with the projects there was a screen presenting other projects from different majors of the GUC.