Academic Tuition Fees

International students enrolled in undergraduate programs may choose between two payment schemes: 

Tuition  2018 / 2019 (annual) (EURO)

Tuition  2018 / 2019 (per semester) (EURO)

Flat Rate (Cat A)



Other Fees

  • A non-refundable GUC evaluation tests fee of 80 Euro to be paid when invited for the admission test
  • A deposit of 420 Euro as insurance for use of labs (refundable at the end of academic studies after deduction of damages)

Payment Procedures

  • For newly enrolled students:
    • Upon receiving the “GUC Final Study Offer” the student proceeds with the payment of the semester tuition or annual tuition before the stated deadline.
    • Payment receipt is prerequisite for sending an admission confirmation (and invitation letter, if needed).
  • For continuing students:
    • Every semester (or every academic year) the student receives a Payment Order that states the required amount of payment, the payment due date, and the available payment methods (e.g. bank transfer).
    • Payments upon expired payment order or after the announced deadlines will not be considered.
    • Payment receipt is prerequisite for issuing the confirmation of continuous enrollment.




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