From Berlin, you have easy and affordable access to all nearby European cities. Depending on the destination, you can travel by bus, train or plane. Close to Berlin, there are interesting German cities such as Leipzig and Dresden which can best be reached by bus or train. Within Europe, the closest cities to Berlin are Prague (best to be reached by bus or train) and Budapest (best to be reached by plane).

Travel preparation tips

  • Book well in advance as bus, train and plane tickets as well as accommodation will be much cheaper
  • Inform the GUC Berlin Branch staff where/when you are traveling so that your whereabouts are known in case of emergency
  • Always carry a copy of your passport (in case you lose your passport)
  • Make sure not to store all your money in the same place, i.e. always store your cash and credit/debit card in a different place
  • Take confirmations of all your previously arranged bookings/reservations with you

Traveling by bus

Traveling by bus is by far the cheapest way of traveling both within Germany and to most European cities. All buses depart from “Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof" (ZOB) The most popular bus lines are BerlinLinienBus and Eurolines. Make sure to ask for students discounts.


Offers connections to all major German cities as well as to some European destinations. For more info and tickets, please follow the link:


Offers connections to all major European and German cities. For more info and tickets, please follow the link:

Traveling by train

Berlin "Hauptbahnhof" (main train station) offers an extensive network of train connections to almost everywhere in Germany as well as to European cities such as Prague, Paris and Vienna. “Deutsche Bahn” continuously offers ticket contingents at discounted prices and cheaper online deals through its website. Make sure to book well in advance to get one of these cheaper deals. 

For more info and tickets, please follow the link:

Traveling by plane

Currently, Berlin has two airports – Schönefeld Airport (SFX) and Tegel Airport (TXL). Both can easily be reached by public transport (train, S-Bahn, bus). They are served by both major airlines and low-cost carriers. Egypt Air and Easyjet fly in and out of Schönefeld Airport whereas Lufthansa and Air Berlin, fly in and out of Tegel Airport.

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