The mission and vision of the GUC Berlin Branch is to:

  • Serve as a role model for the internationalization of science and education.
  • Offer internationally competitive study programs in science and technology built on modern curricula in collaboration with German State Universities and international institutions.
  • Develop scientific, cultural and business networks with national and international institutions in both Germany and Europe to foster cooperation and research.
  • Attract German, Egyptian and international students with high potential and enable them to obtain degrees of the highest international standards making them multidisciplinary and innovative graduates.
  • Enable graduates to interact effectively with the challenges created by the global economy and play leading roles in their areas of specializations.
  • Offer continuing education and training opportunities to professionals and students from around the world providing them with hands-on training to enhance their skills and foster their careers.
  • Foster international cooperation in academia and research by hosting scientific workshops and summer schools.