11-Oct-2008 Winter Semester 2008/2009; Classes Begin for New and Continuing Students
13-Oct-2008 Deadline for submitting applications for switching groups
26-Oct-2008 Deadline for adding courses
02-Nov-2008 Deadline for payment of winter emester 08 tuition without late charges (second installment ) for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Year students.
13-Nov-2008 Deadline for dropping courses
16-Nov-2008 Deadline for payment of winter semester 08 tuition without late charges ( second installment ) for the 1st Year Students.
22-Nov-2008 Midterm Exams for Contiuing and New Students
30-Nov-2008 Deadline for Season Drop Season Semester 2009. Deadline for changing Study groups / Majors / Faculties effective spring 2009
07-Dec-2008 Eid El Adha
20-Dec-2008 Start of student Online feedback on taught courses
24-Dec-2008 Western Christmas
29-Dec-2008 Islamic New Year
01-Jan-2009 New Year's Day
07-Jan-2009 Eastern Christmas
15-Jan-2009 Last day of Lectures, Tutorials and Submission of Assignments
15-Jan-2009 Deadline for payment of Springsemester 09 tuition without late charges ( first installment ) All Students.
17-Jan-2009 Preparations for Exams / Revision
24-Jan-2009 Winter Semester Final Exams. Make Up Exams Winter courses
07-Feb-2009 Mid-Year Recess ( Continuing & New students )
14-Feb-2009 Advising Spring Semester courses
28-Feb-2009 Spring Semester: Classes Begin (All students)